Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just another wintery day...

I guess putting new tires on the car was a little premature this year.  I didn't realize winter was planning on making an encore, much less five or six encores.  It has snowed and snowed and snowed.  Even the boys are depressed!  Well, at first, anyway.  Until they realized they could start making tunnels and snow forts again.  

This whole marathon thing (okay, half marathon, but it's just so awkward to say!) isn't going quite the way I planned.  My foot is still in pain and I'm going back to the clinic today to get something done about it.  Last time I wasn't quite prepared for the "you're just being a whiner, go home and stop bugging me" routine, but this time I'm ready.  The hard thing about being me is that I can't think and talk at the same time.  I knew something more was wrong than mere soreness but I just couldn't shape the words before all was done and I was kicked out the door.  In fact, it wasn't until I was actually driving home that I came up with something that would have been intelligent enough to make him take me seriously.  Today I will play out all likely scenarios in my head before I get in the little sterile room with the cold plastic bed covered with paper (really, is that paper supposed to protect us from other people's germs?  If so, they should make it cover the width of the bed, not just the length!) and my brain seizes up.  If only I could plan every conversation ten minutes in advance!  That would sure make life easier.

Now for a drastic change of topic - how about some new music?  I've been listening to CBC Radio 3 podcasts about new Canadian music and found my new favorite band!  The Tom Fun Orchestra is a great Nova Scotia group with a cool sound.  I love Johnny Turbo's voice - all gravelly and rough - and the music is awesome!  They remind me of a band you'd hear at an old-time carnival, the foot-stomping kind.  In their own words, their style is a cross between soul, western swing, and post punk.  Watchmaker is a great song.  Another of my favorites from their newest album is Bottom of the River.  The album name is You Will Land With A Thud.  Go check it out!

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Faith & Mark said...

Good luck with the half marathan. I can't believe you hurt your foot and hope it gets better soon. I can't believe you are even out running. The idea of even pulling out my running shoes makes a nervous twitch occur in my body so I have banned them to the back corner of wherever they are.