Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Have you received my e-mail yet?"

"Um, yeah, thanks!" I grimace on the phone. "Sorry I haven't written back."

"That's OK."

Awkward silence.

"Well, um, next time I'm on the computer I'll make sure to send you something."

"Great! I'd love that! I sure love to hear about my grandkids."

Phone conversation ends.

Next week...

"Have you received my e-mail this week?"

"Um, yeah, thanks!" I grimace on the phone. "Sorry I haven't written back."

Repeat ad nauseum.

That is the reason I am starting this blog. This is for you, Grandma! And the rest of the clan who live far, far away, but mainly for Grandma.


Here's a picture of the whole family on a day trip to Dinosaur Lake in BC. Was it ever cool. My uncle has a riverboat and we, along with Mom and Dad, went the length of the lake from the dam on the lower end up to the Hudson Hope dam. There were eagles, rocks crumbling from the cliffs into the water, and the occasional deer on the rock face. The boys were in outdoorsy heaven. Uncle B took us to a neat little island in the middle of the lake that we roamed for a bit. That's where we took this picture, on this cool dead tree that was perfect for climbing all over. We even woke little T up for the picture (apparently a riverboat is very lulling to an almost three-year-old) which is always an iffy deal. You never know what you're going to get, sunshine or rain.
Well, I'll be back. Maybe with some stories. Maybe some pictures. Maybe stories + pictures. With the occasional thing that I may have made, just because I'm always astounded when I finish something (I'm a big procrastinator, hence the whole telephone conversation thing). So, later!