Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thimbleberries Reject

Yes, that is my latest quilt.  It's called "Thimbleberries Reject" because I used all my Thimbleberries fabric from a club I was in up in Rainbow Lake.  Never finished most of the projects because I was so over Thimbleberries stuff by then.  Easy; no pattern, not much measuring, not much cutting.  All I did was cut 3" strips, sew them all together lengthwise, cut every other one in half, and sew enough of them together to make a twin size quilt.  Talk about fast and stress-free.  Well, all except for the deadline of a week.  And my constant procrastination.  Good grief, you'd think I'd have learned a thing or two about leaving stuff until the last minute, but I haven't.

Anyway, the quilt went on the prize table at one of the boys' hockey tournaments and was won by someone who really wanted it - nice, eh!  The rink manager/zamboni driver had his eye on it and put his name into the draw specifically for the quilt.  Needless to say, I didn't see that one coming.  Somehow he didn't strike me as the quilt buying type, but was he ever happy when he got it!  Just a reminder to myself never to judge a book by it's cover.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's Day Grouch

Yep, that'd be me.  Snarly with the kids this morning and sure to be snarly later on today.  I still need to bring a snack over to Caleb's class and reschedule my worship team practice yet again.  Not to mention pick the rest of the music, put it in the computer that sends it to the projector, and get it to the right person.   Man, am I ever being whiny!

My day will get better.  Once I do all those things it will feel like a load has been lifted and I'll smile again - probably just in time for Luke to get home.  I might go buy some fresh lobster for supper and we'll have us a Valentine's day feast after the kidlings are all tucked into bed.  The thought of that is cheering me up already!  A little seafood, a little wine, a nice conversation with my very funny husband, and a cuddle on the couch while we watch a movie.  Sounds like heaven.

*I just got a phone call from school.  Ethan forgot his valentines at home.  Aaaagh!*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Famous relatives

Luke and I were watching Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday and who should pop onto the screen but good ol' brother-in-law Ken!  No, he's not one of the jovial folk with a microphone in their hand, but the somber, watchful security man in the toque on the bottom left.  The lucky guy got to be security for Ron MacLean, famous Canadian sportscaster.  Ken, I don't know how you pulled it off, but I hope you got to talk to him a bit.  I can't believe you got to meet him!  It should've been me!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

9 Already?

I can hardly believe Caleb turns 9 today.  It seems like only yesterday I was in the hospital in High Level competing for the one and only delivery room with another couple from Rainbow Lake!  And won it, of course- the competitive gene runs strong in my family.  Caleb is no exception to that rule.  Sports, sports, cars, and more sports.  Right now hockey is the main thing but soccer also has its day, as does running, biking, and countless other such occupations.  He is such an awesome kid.  Smiles alot.  Likes TV a bit too much, but what kid doesn't!   Happy birthday, son!

Yes, this was the temperature the last two weeks.  During the day.  Talk about bone-chilling cold!  It's been much warmer this week.  Thank goodness, because today my house will be full of boys celebrating Caleb's 9th birthday, and I'm hoping they will play outside in the enthralling (to them) mounds of snow the grater and front-end loader have left on our lawn.  Caleb and Ethan have also been adding to the pile by dragging large blocks of snow and ice from the school grounds to our house with the help of their sleds.  Endless entertainment, I tell you!  Of course, Titus is much more his mother's son and prefers the warmth of the indoors.  I'm hoping that the lure of many new children outside our house will prove too much for him to bear and he'll head out sooner or later!