Friday, September 28, 2007

They just don't listen...

No matter how many times a person tries to teach their kids how to do things the proper way, they tend to do it the way they want. Everytime Caleb brings math home, I have to hold my tongue. It isn't the adding or subtracting I object to, it's the way he writes his numbers! Always starts from the bottom up. Have you ever tried writing the number two from bottom to top? How about a five or six? Awkward, to say the least. And yet, when I show him how it is supposed to be done, he'll smile at me and say, "This way is just easier, Mom!"

Ethan cannot hold a pencil. I've rearranged those fingers countless times, just to look back after a moment and see them right back where they were to begin with.

And Titus. Lately, he's been writing like an Hebrew. Right to left. We'll tell him and show him where to start, and it sticks for a week or two. Then out-of-the-blue he'll be back to his Israeli tendencies. Where does it come from? Backward letters I've seen. Backward words? Huh?

*OK all you grammar buffs. I know you're out there. That last paragraph. " an Hebrew..." Should I have just used "a" or "an"? I've noticed in books and whatnot that "an" seems to be what you put in front of an "h". To me, it just seems wrong. Anyone know for sure?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Book Review: Shake Hands With the Devil

I love reading and I love finding good new books. So this is for all you readers out there with a little time to spare. I picked up this non-fiction account of the Rwandan genocide after seeing an interview with the author on The Hour. Romeo Dallaire was a part of the UN mission in Rwanda before, during, and after the slaughter of over 800, 000 people by Hutu extremists and Tutsi retaliators. He tells how the west largely ignored the calls for help to the region because of its relative unimportance in the world. Bureacracy, money, political wrangling - all play a part in this tragedy. He describes the awfulness of having to stand by while people all around were being murdered, and then of having to talk nice to those responsible while trying to broker a ceasefire. Truly a heartbreaking and enraging book. It made me more supportive of our soldiers around the world who are engaged in dangerous peacekeeping missions. I also understand a little more about why and how these atrocities begin and who the people are behind them. It's a good book! Five out of five stars.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another Autumn

Yes, the days do fly by quicker and quicker. Seems like only yesterday when I was impatiently waiting for the snow to go away! I love watching the fields grow and ripen - what is it about golden grass that fills my heart with joy?

On a totally unrelated note: I was talking with Titus yesterday after music practice, asking what he did while I was singing. "Oh, just colouring and glueing and scissoring." Why can I never come up with awesome words like that?

Another thing - where did the phrase "shake a stick at" originate? You know; "There were too many trees to shake a stick at." Does that even make sense? Anyone?

Friday, September 21, 2007

What Now?

The last ten days have been a mixture of many things. Thankfulness that no one was seriously injured (I learned that the women in the other car only had bruises), horror from the memories and the "what if..." reel that keeps running through my mind, love from all the people who know me, and wondering at what God wants with me here on earth. I've always known that God has had a plan in my life, but I've been waiting around for Him to reveal it to me. Sometimes an actual voice telling me what to do next would be helpful!

It has always been my biggest frustration - God's will. What is it? Where is it? Who's going tell me what I'm supposed to do? Read all the books you want - they can't tell you exactly what your life should look like (unless they tell you to ship all your money to them so you will be blessed - does anyone actually do it?). So I have to decide how my life can be a light in this world of darkness. Easier said than done. For most of my life I've been trying to get this one verse to sink in: Romans 1:16 "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek." (NASB) Unfortunately, I just want everybody to like me. I am surrounded by those who think the Bible is full of silly, out-dated rules and impossible miracles that only a fool would actually believe. So I keep silent. And smile. And nod at what they say. Something has to change! And that something is me. Trusting God to give me words that people will hear like He gave Aaron. Trusting God to give me courage and strength like He gave Joshua. Trusting God to give me a heart like He gave David. Trusting God to shine through me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tuesday evening

That's the suburban. The boys and I were heading out to a meeting on Tuesday at 7 pm. We were crossing the divided highway. I looked, but apparantly did not see the black Volkswagon coming. I even thought I was through the intersection when life suddenly became very scary. We ended up in the ditch, hanging from our seatbelts because the 'burb had flipped over. I unhooked the seatbelt and looked into the back to see three crying boys. Crying has never sounded so sweet. Caleb had already unbuckled himself, and I made Ethan undo his belt while I got Titus' undone. After that I cleared the glass away from the front passenger window, made sure it was safe to get out that way, and then got Caleb out. I reached back in for Titus, dragged him out, and found that a good Samaritan had reached through Ethan's window and pulled him to safety.

Luckily Luke was home and was able to come out right away. We made sure the boys were put in neck braces and stretchers and taken to the hospital in ambulances. Luke rode with Titus and I rode with Caleb and Ethan. We were all discharged that same night after x-rays were taken. The boys and I are all a little sore and bruised, but so very grateful to be alive!

Here are links to more pictures:

Inside the other car

Where Ethan was sitting

Passenger side

Front of the car that hit us

Where a tire used to be