Friday, September 28, 2007

They just don't listen...

No matter how many times a person tries to teach their kids how to do things the proper way, they tend to do it the way they want. Everytime Caleb brings math home, I have to hold my tongue. It isn't the adding or subtracting I object to, it's the way he writes his numbers! Always starts from the bottom up. Have you ever tried writing the number two from bottom to top? How about a five or six? Awkward, to say the least. And yet, when I show him how it is supposed to be done, he'll smile at me and say, "This way is just easier, Mom!"

Ethan cannot hold a pencil. I've rearranged those fingers countless times, just to look back after a moment and see them right back where they were to begin with.

And Titus. Lately, he's been writing like an Hebrew. Right to left. We'll tell him and show him where to start, and it sticks for a week or two. Then out-of-the-blue he'll be back to his Israeli tendencies. Where does it come from? Backward letters I've seen. Backward words? Huh?

*OK all you grammar buffs. I know you're out there. That last paragraph. " an Hebrew..." Should I have just used "a" or "an"? I've noticed in books and whatnot that "an" seems to be what you put in front of an "h". To me, it just seems wrong. Anyone know for sure?


Anonymous said...

hmmm - you'll get me everytime with the grammar quizzes Carmen! :)
I think 'an' is only used in front of vowels, therefore 'a Hebrew'...?

Regardless, the arabic tendancy is a riot - is he right or left handed?

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm sure it'll work itself out. If not, rest assured your kids are not loners in this!

As far as the 'a' or 'an' thing...I'd agree with Amy...'an' is saved for vowels.

Alma said...

your kids are so cute and I'm sure their teachers will get a kick out of their 'quirky' ways, and in time they'll write the same as all 'normal' people.

'an' is used before vowels with the exception of words starting with 'h' and that's because often the 'h' is silent, as in the French, Korean and some other languages, and also sometimes in English words.

Lyndsay said...

As a lefty, I can understand the writing bottom up... I do a lot of letters backwards. Does Caleb use his left hand?

Titus writing backwards is hilarious. I hope it's just a phase!!

Luke and Lindy said...

i'm afraid i am not the one to give you advice on grammer ... but that picture is sure darn cute! no, i can't say i've ever seen backwards words ... haha!

evy said...

Writing backwards is very common in young children; I remember milt was notlim for a long time.He was also left handed and very bright but he didn't let that secret out in school. As for an hebrew, in my mind a hebrew sounds better. According to the Can. Oxford dictionary,'an'is used before words beginning with a vowel sound and less often before aspirated words beginning with an h and stressed on a syllable other than the first(so a hotel, not an hotel). Think my mind got lost in that last sentence, but maybe it helps.
Love you, Mom

Alma said...

the best known 'h' word which takes 'an' instead of 'a' is hour ( as in I'll be back in an hour)

Heather said...

My daughter writes her name backwards too. I am relieved to know she isn't the only one.
I also cringe behind her back while she diligently works on her drawing and letters. Good thing kids don't have eyes in the back of their heads!