Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feeling a bit antsy

So, I walked right into that clinic and demanded to see the doctor.  Well, maybe not demanded.  It was more like request.  Oh, who am I kidding.  I was so polite and friendly the woman behind the desk probably thought I was trying to sell her Amway or something (I am such a wuss!).  Anyway, my turn came and when the doctor came in I started telling him what had happened.  He looked like he did last time (which was the way I look at my kids when they tell me some sob story), but I kept talking and talking and gradually a wee bit of concern came into his face.  He sent me for x-rays (in the same building - how convenient) and saw me right away afterwards.  No breaks in my foot.  Thank goodness.  However, he did say something in a medical language that I couldn't repeat for the life of me and told me to stay off my feet for two to three weeks.  Weeks!  That puts me very behind schedule in this whole marathon training.  So, here I sit on my ever-growing bottom while I should be outside shrinking it.  Very maddening.  

Of course, while we were in the examination room, Titus had some choice remarks.  The doc was South African and Titus and I had a lengthy conversation about the colors that people come in and how they are the same color on their whole body.  Why he had to have this conversation in front of someone we don't know I'm not sure.  Of course, I mentioned that Riley( his best friend) and Kyle (Riley's brother) and cousin Micah were all that color too.  Titus came back with the reply that Kyle was not that color, he was a different color.  Sometimes a person just has to laugh at how a four-year-old views the world.

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