Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Making God sad

"Mom, Titus won't help clean up!"

It's a phrase I hear far too often. In the time frame of cleaning a room, maybe ten or twenty times. Needless to say, I get more than a little perturbed when I've heard it for the umpteenth time. This was one of those times. I stomped into the room. Caleb and Ethan were diligently picking up pieces of lego while Titus sat on his bed with a scowl.

"Titus, help your brothers clean up.

"I'm too tired."

"Well, you can have a nap after your room is clean."


By now my eyebrows are raised in incredulousness at his sass. I'm sure the steam was coming out of my ears, just like it does in cartoons.

"Titus, who's in charge?"

"You are," he says with a whimper.

"Clean this room now."


As I'm leaving the room he asks me one more question: "Mommy, are you in charge of everybody?"

"Yes, I am," I reply, not quite sure where this is going.

"You're making God sad. He's in charge of everybody."

I guess I can never say that he doesn't pay attention in Sunday School!

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Anonymous said...

LOL that sounds like Titus alright! Oh, I miss teaching Sunday school!