Friday, November 30, 2007

Hockey and Computer Woes

*from Titus' perspective*

I've been trying and trying to post but my silly internet connection has really been messing me up. I detest going with a new internet provider but I absolutely abhor having one thrust upon me just when I've gotten on a first name basis with the original one. Ok. Whew. Enough complaining.

Caleb and Ethan are loving hockey this year. They're both on the same team and, so far, on the same line. Caleb is playing center and scoring goals, and Ethan's been on left wing. It is so much fun to watch. I'm afraid I'm one of those moms, though. You know the ones. Always yelling and telling the refs what to do. Good grief. I didn't realize I had reached the embarrassing stage until Luke came to a game with me and had to almost shush me a few times. When a man as loud as my husband has to tell me to be quieter - well, let's just say the devil may have had to shovel the snow off his sidewalk for the first time.

Titus and hockey have had a rough go of it. He finally had a practice tonight that didn't end in him laying on the ice for five minutes while having a mini tantrum. A step in the right direction. For a boy who expects perfection from himself all the time, hockey has been his nemesis. This is a kid who cries if he can't draw a letter just right, never mind skating with a bunch of awkward equipment on and chasing the ever-elusive puck around the ice. On his first game he gave up on the puck and started slashing the other team with his stick whenever they came in reach. Oy vey. I think we've been watching too much Hockey Night In Canada.

Well, have a good day and try to stay warm (we almost hit -30 C last night)!

*Titus' first hockey game*

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Heather said...

Titus sounds just like my daughter. She had a melt down because she couldn't write the letter K without it looking like a "stick with a c stuck to it".

Those little bodies covered in gear crack me up.