Friday, November 23, 2007

Busy as a (sick) bee

Sorry for the unexpected break. Something about being sick, going to hockey, leading music, going to hockey, leading music, more hockey, and finally being violently ill took up much of my spare time. And to tell the truth, not much spare time today, either. I've got a birthday party to plan for after school, 9 kids and 2 adults to feed, and then, you guessed it, a hockey game to maybe attend. Of course, Luke will be home by then so I might beg off and stay home to fold laundry. Ah, wintertime. The busiest time of year.

Next week I'm working on Christmas stuff. First cards, then some baking for a Christmas baking exchange, and I might get around to figuring out a few presents. Mom, I was going to knit you some socks, but it just isn't happening. Good thing I tried it out for myself first! I'm going to have to undo the binding and make it much looser - won't go around my toes! Talk about frustrating!

Today, though, it's all about Ethan. Very excited to be turning seven! He's had a gap for a front tooth for a year and a half now, and that elusive piece of bone is finally making an appearance. We got a him a BMX bike - I can hardly wait for Luke to get back from Calgary so we can give it to him!

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