Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hello again!

Yes, I am still alive. July seems to have flown by, what with all the vacationing and post-vacation laundry and jam-making and ... well, you see the way my life has been. July just wasn't the month for blogging. It did give me quite a few things to blog about though, so without further ado...

We had been planning on leaving on Thursday (July 5th) so that Luke could help me pack for a day before racing off to British Columbia. Of course, planning and this family generally part ways at some point, and we ended up leaving Tuesday night after Luke got home from work. We were renting a trailer, so we packed all our clothes, pots, pans, camping gear, firewood, and groceries into the Suburban to take to the rental place. Luke was the only one who could get into the 'burb without some major manuevering. The rest of us had piles of food, books, backpacks, etc. at our feet. A bit of a stuffy drive, if I do say so myself. Of course, no picture. I was just a wee bit too frazzled to be thinking about such things at the time. It was our hope to make it to Grande Cache and camp there for the night, which was only a two hour drive - what could go wrong?

We only had fifteen minutes to go when we saw the elk standing in front of us. Luke hit the brakes and we narrowly missed getting our front end smashed to bits. A mile down the road we came across a truck that hadn't been so lucky. The elk had come over the hood and broken in the windshield before sliding off and dying. We stopped and Luke helped drag the elk off the road. Being in the mountains, we had no cell service to phone an ambulance, so we brought one of the men whose face had been cut up into our trailer and tended to him. Both of the guys were in a bit of shock. We were there almost an hour when a police car came on the scene and took charge. We stayed for another hour and loaded the luggage and speakers from the truck into our trailer to take to Grande Cache for them. It was 2 in the morning by the time we got to town - we stayed in the mall parking lot that first night with a reassurance from the police that if anyone tried to bother us we were to tell them to phone the police station and it would be taken care of. What a way to start a holiday!

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