Thursday, August 02, 2007

On To Invermere

After we left Grande Cache we headed out to Invermere. Talk about nice and hot! We stayed in a beautiful campground and spent time with some friends from Rainbow Lake. Curtis took Luke and I on flights with his ultralight plane. So awesome!! Only two people can fly at a time; the pilot and one passenger. It was pretty tight quarters! Curt took the plane up to 8500 feet when I was with him - we could see so many mountain tops! I only wish I could have brought my camera. He advised against it because of the wind - if it blew off it would fly right into the motor. Not good at 8500 feet.

Luke and Curt went golfing so Erin and I took the boys mini-golfing (they wore their golf shirts - so funny!). Big mistake; it was 38 degrees Celcius. We told the kids that girls only golf 15 holes in mini-golf. I think they believed us. After ice cream we went and had a big steak supper at Curtis and Erin's place with a few other former Rainbow Lake residents. Ethan managed to contract a serious case of heat stroke and spent the evening throwing up and sleeping in front of the fan (poor guy).

We had such a nice time, and were very grateful that we had rented a trailer with air conditioning! That campground ended up being the nicest one we stayed in for the entire trip. Thanks, Curtis and Erin (and Bernice, the nicest, most kid-friendly St. Bernard I've ever known)!


Faith & Mark said...

Love the pictures of the boys at the top. How did Caleb's first week at camp go?

Anonymous said...

sounds like quite the adventure. Hope you guys came back safely...any advice for travelling with three kids?

The Krahns