Friday, June 29, 2007

In the summertime ...

It has been a good couple of weeks here in the Willms' household. Grandma came from Manitoba to visit her grandsons. It was heaven on earth for Titus. Someone who would play with him while the boys were at school and Mommy was busy doing Mommy things. All day there were dinky car races, Uno games, colouring, reading ... oh, the bliss! Grace left early Monday morning before the kids got up. Titus was OK until he decided to go wake Grandma up. When I explained that she had gone home, he was inconsolable for a good while. Poor little guy!

Now we are into the heady days of summer when all we have to do is go camping, eat s'mores (it took a hands-on lesson from Jim and Heather for me to figure out all the logistics), and do crafts. One thing to get used to are the boys home from school. As I write, Ethan is reading over my shoulder and correcting my grammar! Not bad for a grade one graduate, I say. Other things we plan to do - watch some car races, play more golf, ride the bikes, have a water fight, and go on some boyish adventures. Our vacation is less than a week away and everyone is looking forward to it. It ought to be a blast of laughs going with these three goofy guys!

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