Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Great Mosquito War of 2007

Yes, that is a dead mosquito. Slightly mangled. And it's all his own fault!

Sunday night we were the victims of a raid on our bedroom by the relentless invader Mosquito. The Mosquito tribe attacked us in the style of guerilla warfare, complete with camouflage and subterfuge. We responded with a method of seek and destroy that seems to be so popular with the U.S. army nowadays. Battle was joined for nearly half an hour with a dozen casualties for the Mosquito invaders. The reason for the assault - a window mysteriously open in our room. Who was their inside man? We may never learn the identity of that perfidious traitor, but through criminal profiling we have learned that he is very young, between two and four, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. When we catch the perpetrator (and we will!) he will face the severest penalty of the law in Willmsland.


LukeandLindy said...

haha!! that's funny...that little guy better run for cover!

Faith & Mark said...

I don't know what you're all talking about. I haven't seen a mosquito yet. But there are these helicopter-like insects I've seen lately that remind me of that pump-jack in Rainbow Lake at the golf course. Coincidence? Or a genetic alteration that will change the course of human history and usher in the end times?

At least they weren't bees...