Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grammer School

Well, I've been checking out preschools for Titus to attend this fall. After last year and his "imaginary" school, I thought the time was right for a foray into the real thing. Naturally, I started looking at the one closest to home. I went to the registration meeting and was tremendously disappointed with the lack of organization and professionalism. Not only were there no registration packages, but no formal anything to base any sort of decision on. Parents came, saw the school, wandered around aimlessly, signed a mailing list, and left as bewildered as when they arrived. I asked a few questions after I had discerned who was on the preschool board, but they seemed to know only a little more than I did.

A month later, the registration package arrived in my mail. I opened it up, read the first page, and put it down again. I then got a phone call from the teacher telling me that the wrong package had been sent and to expect another. Yesterday, I received the latest one and proceeded to go through it. I soon discovered that I am a grammar snob. Somehow, I don't seem to care what kind of program they are offering or what method they use. If they can't write it out properly, or get someone to proofread their work, I get too upset to look past it. Apparently they are only "excepting" 24 students. And the teacher is "nearly" a facilitator of learning. I mean, come on people! Put that together with run on sentences and words out of place, and I go nuts! I don't mind bad grammar in, say, a blog, or something informal and personal, but in a business or school? Something professional? From someone who has been to college for 4+ years and has a degree in Education it is appalling.

So there's my rant, and I'm guessing that it is not all grammatically correct. In fact, I know it isn't. I do, however, want my son's teacher to take this seriously even though it is only preschool. Right?


Anonymous said...

RIGHT! I couldn't agree more!
PS I love hearing the little anecdotes from your lives! It makes the distance feel so much smaller!

Anonymous said...

you are right on the money Carmen, you are likely not the only one feeling that way,

Tante Von