Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ugly quilt

My mind would roll the phrase "I can't believe I'm actually doing this" over and over on a continuous loop whilst I pieced and quilted this thing. If there was no reason to finish this quilt, I wouldn't have even put the blocks together. And the 500+ one inch squares in the sashing took forever. I was so glad to see it raffled off. I'm sorry if you like it, but this was just not my style. I like most quilts, but I couldn't stomach this one. What a lot of work and money for something I don't like. What a waste! All those hours I'll never get back. Sometimes finishing a project just isn't worth it.

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Linda K. said...

Just wanted to tell you...your quilt is just lovely! I love to do handiwork and have found myself in the midst of things that weren't my style...but was ever so happy to finish the project and find a good home for it as a gift.

The pleasure it gave was reward enough as I watched them enjoy it and therefore made the whole task worthwhile!

You do a great job Carmen...you are a very talented gal. And you definately should consider writing professionally.

I have a son...who like you...is gifted to write. If you haven't considered it already...please do. The world is looking for you...and ability you have.

Keep up the good work...you are a delight. Love peeking into you blog!

Sincerely...Linda K.