Friday, March 02, 2007

Not little anymore

Titus has been on a "big boy" kick now for a couple of weeks. He used to answer any and all questions with either his name or his age (which really confused the heck out of a lot of adults) and has now moved onto his size and strength. You don't even need to ask him anything. We went to Slave Lake yesterday to take Luke to a curling bonspiel and watch a game. Didn't know anyone except the guys on Luke's team. Titus still managed to walk up to three or four men and get their attention long enough to tell them how strong he was and show them his muscles. He is truly a force of nature!


Faith & Mark said...
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Faith & Mark said...

Hello to all the big boys in your house. Especially the youngest one who is so pecious.

The quilt below is not my type either. So sorry for all the hours spent on those little pieces.

LukeandLindy said...

Titus, you must have inherited your big muscles from your sculpted Uncle Luke! Sweet pipes, dude! - Luker -