Sunday, February 18, 2007

Self portrait

I tried taking pictures of myself. It was almost getting to the point where the camera was making fun of me. Double chin, eyes half closed (and I was taking the picture - go figure!), a leering grin (didn't even know I could do that), squinting, too big a smile, etc. etc. Anyway, this is me in my new hair. It suits me, and some people don't even seem to realize I had it cut. Which is a good thing. Sorry it took so long (you can't say I didn't try!).


jocelyne willms said...

hot momma! wow what rosie cheeks you have my dear.. what stunning eyes you have my dear..Luke- you have yourself a hot momma!


LukeandLindy said...

Finially! I've been dying to know what your new hair cut looked like from the front...I must say it looks awesome! You're totally does suit you! And the red is great too...I wouldn've never thought to peg you as a red definitally don't have the temper for it ;) Have a great day!

Faith & Mark said...

Looks great Carmen, Thanks for finally doing the picture thing.