Friday, December 29, 2006

Winter wonderland

Yes, this is another tobogganing hill. Only this time, Luke and I refrained and let the kids have their fun. Titus has been going down the hill by himself and tends to get more than the usual amount of snow in his face, which makes for a lot of drama. Of course, Caleb and Ethan are consumed with hitting all the jumps and getting the most air. The strategies they come up with! Christmas holidays combined with loads of snow have made sledding a part of our daily lives. If it isn't at the hill, it is on the piles of snow in front of our house. The boys are sure making up for last year when conditions weren't quite as perfect! I even drove a snowmobile for the first time since before I got married.

Christmas was a lot of fun! The two older boys got remote control trucks that are still only when the batteries need recharging. Titus seems thrilled with his semi and loader. I got Luke a Home Theater subscription and I got (drum roll, everybody) ... an Ipod! I've spent the last four days fooling around with it, loading on my music and podcasts and sermons (don't laugh). It's the perfect gift. I am not one who likes housework, as my husband can attest to, but a distraction sure makes the work go fast. This is probably a gift for both of us, come to think of it. What a sneaky man!

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Faith & Mark said...

Looks like the boys are having lots of fun. Micah sure enjoyed playing with them & we enjoyed seeing you.