Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A little snow

Yep, it's officially a blizzard. All school buses are canceled and even though the boys don't ride the bus, they get to stay home. It was so bad last night that I finally realized that all the stories of people freezing to death because they became disoriented between their house and barn were possibly true. I opened up my front door this morning and this is what I found. And that is in the sheltered part of the house. I can't even imagine what the driveway must be like. Good thing I went and got my groceries yesterday!

In the meantime, I have been working like a madwoman on my next quilt. I have some grand idea that it might be done for a raffle for Caleb's or Ethan's hockey tournament. That said, I have an inner voice telling me that this is an impossible scheme doomed to failure. We'll see, I guess. I've finished seven blocks with five to go. Then they need to be joined together with mini pieced sashes. Then sandwiched and quilted. Oy vey!

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Faith & Mark said...

If you are tired of all the snow feel free to send us some. So far the only part of blizzard we have gotten is the 100km winds:(