Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well, we here at the Willms' household have actually managed to get some decorating done. It ain't all pretty, and it looks a little bit like someone puked up Christmas decorations on our tree, but they are there. The reason things are so random is that the tree has had some mishaps. In a creative mommy moment, I decided the boys would love to put candy canes on the tree. And I was right! Except that putting things on the tree means putting them on every branch, including the top ones. Now, when a seven-year-old stands on a chair and stretches up and reaches out, gravity inevitably kicks in and takes matters into its own hands. As a result, the tree fell onto our TV. Then mommy tried to put it up and managed to throw it against the window. Sometime after that it decided to commit suicide and fell over in a totally new direction while we were all reading a book. Sigh.

Some other Christmasy goodness in our house is the obligatory gingerbread house. So far, no little candies have gone missing. The piano has gone festive and the banners are beribboned. Yet another thing is the Advent calendar. Last, but not least, are elf shoes - a new tradition for this season. A combination of a Coke box, hockey tape, and socks that will set you apart from all others during the holidays. Wear them to the family gathering, the office party, and, of course, the neighborhood carolling. Comfortable and versatile, these shoes could be yours for the low price of a couple candy canes. Buy now, they are going fast!


Faith & Mark said...

thanks for the laughs. I needed that tonight. - Faith

LukeandLindy said...

Those elf shoes are ingenius! Was that your idea or Luke's? haha...classic!