Monday, March 10, 2008

A long winter

Yes, I have been fairly neglectful of this, my little blog, lately.   I officially blame lack of sunshine.  While the days are indeed getting longer and the nights are shaving minutes off each side, it still isn't enough.  Aah, the heady days of sunshine past midnight, where are you?  I'm afraid we've moved too far south to enjoy them in the summer.  And yes, I've been jealous reading other blogs where spring is blooming and green abounds.  Instead, the only taste of spring here is the shedding of the heavy winter parkas in exchange for very thick sweaters and lined jackets.  At least the road is now clear of ice and snow and bikes that were given for birthdays can be used for the first time.  

See what I mean?  Where's my lawn?  I miss it!

1 comment:

Faith & Mark said...

Yes indeed, you definatly have more snow than we do.
What week do your boys get off for Easter?