Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tuesday evening

That's the suburban. The boys and I were heading out to a meeting on Tuesday at 7 pm. We were crossing the divided highway. I looked, but apparantly did not see the black Volkswagon coming. I even thought I was through the intersection when life suddenly became very scary. We ended up in the ditch, hanging from our seatbelts because the 'burb had flipped over. I unhooked the seatbelt and looked into the back to see three crying boys. Crying has never sounded so sweet. Caleb had already unbuckled himself, and I made Ethan undo his belt while I got Titus' undone. After that I cleared the glass away from the front passenger window, made sure it was safe to get out that way, and then got Caleb out. I reached back in for Titus, dragged him out, and found that a good Samaritan had reached through Ethan's window and pulled him to safety.

Luckily Luke was home and was able to come out right away. We made sure the boys were put in neck braces and stretchers and taken to the hospital in ambulances. Luke rode with Titus and I rode with Caleb and Ethan. We were all discharged that same night after x-rays were taken. The boys and I are all a little sore and bruised, but so very grateful to be alive!

Here are links to more pictures:

Inside the other car

Where Ethan was sitting

Passenger side

Front of the car that hit us

Where a tire used to be


Jocelyne Willms said...

Praise God, Praise God, Praise God! Wow! I can hardly fathom that scary moment of looking into the back seat. We are so relieved that all of you are ok. Looks like the big "burb" sure came in handy - safety wise I mean. We love you!

Jocelyne and DAn

Anonymous said...

I echo every one of Jocelyne's sentiments. I'm just so thankful that you are all safe. Thank you Lord!

Faith & Mark said...


I'm so glad you're all okay. I remember looking into the back of our Sunfire after our swan-dive to see the faces of two very wide-eyed children ready to burst into tears. God bless Chevrolet!

Love you guys. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. In the midst of each moment of chaos, there can be glimpses of God's unchanging goodness. There's your cookie-cutter fortune cookie. Now for me - That really sucks.

- Mark

Faith & Mark said...
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Faith & Mark said...


Enter my discussion. It's got a bit to do with the losers you're about to have to deal with in the near future...

- Mark

(I posted this before but got the address wrong).

LukeandLindy said...

Carmen! I don't think I could've imagined the extent of the damage to your vehicle! Thank Jesus you're all okay ... I can't imagine how frightened you all must've been.
Oh yeah...I was looking @ some of your other pics on that site and I'm totally impressed with your quilting abilities! I would love to do that kind of stuff ... maybe once I'm home more, I'll find some time ... then again, maybe not!
We love you guys! Give all those boys a big hug from Uncle Luke & Antie Lindy!

Lyndsay said...

Oh Carmen! I am so thankful you guys are all okay. The Lord was ceratinly with you!

Jenny said...

Oh wow. That's scary. I'm glad you guys are all okay.