Monday, April 02, 2007

Little Dancing Mennonites

Yes, those are my two eldest. Dancing, if you can believe it. To Ukrainian music, of all things. At their school on Friday, it was the culmination of their Ukrainian days. Every year their school honors a different culture - last year it was the French Canadians. This year the kids learned to dance Ukrainian, created poppy paintings, cross stitched poppy pillows, and made enough food to feed the many children and their families. Ethan's grade 1 class made perogies (not just cooked, but did the filling and stuffed the dough and folded it into pockets) and Caleb's grade 2 class made meatballs. There were cabbage rolls and beet borscht. It was impressive to say the least! And felt very familiar. It's easy to see what Mennonites picked up while they lived in the Ukraine (besides the dancing). So, here's to the Ukraine! I thank them for teaching my great great grandparents the delights of borscht, paska, perogies, and many other delicious foods that have been so incorporated into my own heritage. I just wish I didn't like it so much!

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Anonymous said...

Ummmm.....I can almost taste those perogies! Looks like Caleb and Ethan both have the dancing technique down!