Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A new nephew/niece

There's a baby on the way! Dan and Jocelyne are about to have a baby and I am so excited. Now that my babies are no longer babies, I miss the cuddling and the kissing and the milk breath and the flailing limbs and ... can you tell I love newborns? My most precious memories are of holding a sleeping 1 week old baby in my arms and just looking down at his beautiful face as he sleeps. I can't wait for Dan and Joce to have that same experience.

While we were visiting them just before the September long weekend, Joce had mentioned to me that she would like to have a Curious George quilt for the baby when he/she comes. We discussed it a little and I told her if she could find some fabric, I was the girl for her. As it turned out, as soon as I got home I got sooo excited about this little project that I went looking for fabric myself. Boy, was it ever scarce! Ebay became my best friend for the next couple days. I found a Curious George fabric book kit and a meter of Curious George zoo fabric. Then it sat whilst I waited for inspiration. That never came. I think this is the part where procastination comes in to the picture, Lindy!

Anyway, I decided simplest was best, especially for a baby and went with some beautifully bright colors to go with George and his zoo friends. Here's the finished project. Hope they like it as much as I do!


LukeandLindy said...

Carmen, that looks awesome! i have been meaning to get into quilting...but it just happened yet. they are going to love it!

Faith & Mark said...

What a beautiful quilt carmen. Your artistic talent amazes me. - Faith

dan and jocelyne said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We for surely do love it! I can't believe you found material're amazing! I can't even sew a straight line let alone a quilt....I'm sure your new nephew/niece will love it too! So thanks again for all of your hard's perfect!

Only 4 more days until baby comes (babies always come on time, right? he! he!).