Friday, November 24, 2006

A Birthday Boy

Ethan. The E-meister. Ethaniel. The E-machine. Eth. My boy with the big eyes and bigger smile and the mind that is never satisfied until he knows just about everything there is to know. As a baby, he would destroy toy after toy - not for the sake of destroying but to figure out how it worked. He had curly hair until I cut it for the first time. He was always getting Caleb into trouble. The word "no" had no apparant meaning and spanking was useless because he had no nerve endings on his butt. He actually liked the taste of the soap we scrubbed his mouth with when he lied. My Ethan. The birthday boy. I will now be out $100 of popcorn and beer money!

We had the party the day after his birthday due to a scheduling conflict with hockey. We soon found out that first-graders have a ton of energy - especially after pop and cake! Ethan invited eight kids and seven of them came plus one party crasher. We had big plans to go sledding on the hill by the school but it was too cold, so the kids all came to our house. I never plan any games - maybe if I did the hyper level would have gone down a level. I always think that if I had been in school all day I wouldn't want to be micromanaged the minute I got out. We had tacos for supper, and boy did that go over big! There were kids who managed thirds and even fourths. Luke and I were amazed. Who knew? I will never underestimate the capacity of a child's stomach again. As it turned out I had bought just enough stuff - this from a woman who regularly overestimates food quantities and has a fridge full at the end of a meal.

I think Ethan had a good day. It's hard being the birthday boy and expecting to get your way the entire day and not having your parents cooperate. I actually remember that same feeling as a kid!


LukeandLindy said...

Happy Birthday Ethan! We love you so much and can't wait to see you at Christmas. We are glad to hear you had such a fun birthday party - wish we could have been there!
Lots of Love,
Uncle Luke and Auntie Lindy

Faith & Mark said...

Hey! Happy birthday buddy. Hope you had a blast! I think back of a few great stories you have. I think your mom should backtrack to a few of the big ones: for example, "MMMMmmm, I like soap!", drinking milk with Caleb's help, and others. Caleb's got some doozies too, I'm sure. Your mom is such a good story teller she ought to post some of them again. It just helps us to remember that our kids aren't the only ones who get into mischief - like at funerals, etc. It won't be embarrassing. You should hear some of the ones our parents tell about us!

Happy birthday! We love you all.

- Mark