Monday, January 28, 2008

New nephew!

My baby brother now has a baby himself!  Lindy had Benjamin Levi on Friday, the day before her own birthday.  Eight pounds five ounces.  So big for a first baby!  He looks so adorable from the pics.  I was so sure they would have a girl - how many boys can one family produce?  Mom and Dad now have 7 grandsons and only 1 granddaughter.  Wow.  Hard to believe.   Congrats Luke and Lindy!  Can't wait to meet Benj!


Heather said...

Best wishes for the whole family!

Faith & Mark said...

I really thought it would be a girl too. When Aslynn & I were talking about the baby today she tild me that that's not what she wanted. (meaning a boy) She wanted a girl baby. I'm sure she'll get over that soon hey?