Thursday, May 24, 2007

New hobby

Can you believe it? I am apparantly going about my life as if time doesn't even exist. I took up knitting. Yep. I can just see you shaking your head now. Luke sure did, and managed a nice little roll of the eyes to go along with it. It is rather fun and a way for me to not feel totally useless when I sit in front of the TV for Heroes or Lost or Survivor. I am creating. It feels good. And the boys are totally enthralled with the process. "Use this one now, Mom!" "Ooh, that looks good, Mom!" "Make me a sweater, Mom!" It's nice that they get all excited like that, makes my day. Of course, I learned just in time for me to get bowled over by a head-plugging cold. So I sit and I knit and I let Luke do little things for me. This is the best bad cold ever!

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LukeandLindy said...

it IS fun isn't it?! i don't knit, but i DO crochet...and i's something i can do that makes me feel useful while i actually am just veggin on the couch! :)