Monday, February 12, 2007

A February Birthday

Today is Caleb's birthday. Already eight years old. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday that he had turned one and refused to let me feed him - had to do it all himself. At one! And the word no sent him into a torrent of tears. He felt so sorry, or so guilty, or so sad to disappoint. Always sensitive to those around him, trying to make them feel happy or good about themselves (well, maybe not always, brothers can be fairly annoying). He could swing a golf club like a seasoned pro at one and a half, and his first word was ball. Not mom, not dad, but ball.

We aren't having the party today, but Thursday due to a lack of planning on my part. What with two hockey tournaments and quilts to get ready for each of them, plus trophies to organize and a demanding three-year-old to accommodate, the invitations didn't get done. Then I tried phoning everyone, but most people had their numbers unlisted. Caleb seems OK with it, though. When Luke gets home tonight, we'll give him his present - a road hockey net and two games for his Nintendo 64.

One other thing, Caleb doesn't want a cake for his birthday party. He wants apple pie. Don't know how that'll go over with his friends, but I love it for being so unique! He is definitely his own little person.


The Krahn's said...


We Love you lots!! Wish we could see you more often.

Faith & Mark said...

Caleb - Happy Birthday to you. We are so proud of you and love you very much. Can't wait to see you again and I hope that you enjoy your birthday party and your apple pie.

LukeandLindy said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! We miss you so much and wish we could celebrate with you...enjoy your apple pie,buddy! We love you so much. Love Unlce Luke and Auntie Lindy.

dan and jocelyne willms said...

Happy Belated Birthday Caleb!!! Wow you are growing quick!!! Those Willms boys....Dan requested pie as well for Valentine's day...I was hoping for a big chocolate cake, but no...pie is was the dessert of choice! Go figure!