Friday, January 19, 2007

Favorite Blogs - Part 1

Long before I became a blogger, I was a blog reader. It all started with the last Canadian election and I was looking for something on the computer to educate myself on the issues. I stumbled across a number of blogs dedicated to just that. I eventually found my way to a number of other blogs that were pretty cool and I just want to share some of them with you. Maybe you'll get a kick out of them too.

Internet Monk is a blog I have read for approximately a year. The Internet Monk is a man who teaches at a Bible boarding school in the States. He has a very interesting look at Christianity, one which I must say reflects a lot of my own personal views. He is very informed about a number of issues in the Evangelical Christian way of life and is not scared of putting forth his own view. I quite admire the guy! For a nonconfrontational person, seeing someone go all out is nothing short of amazing. Anyway, I hope you check it out for yourself.

Next post will be funny. I promise! And possibly have pictures. So stay tuned.

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the Krahns said...

Hi Willms family,

We love the blogs. Say Hi to your wonderful family...and Luke (just kidding)